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“Whether you’re coping with an affair, always arguing or just drifting apart, I offer a professional and refreshingly pragmatic alternative to couples psychotherapy or office counselling. My training enables me to balance the needs of two people, without bias, for the overall good of the partnership. By having separate telephone consults with each partner – or with the one partner who is reaching out – I can help a couple reconnect in a low-conflict, encouraging way. Emotions are kept in check, there is no finger-pointing and a positive, forward focus is maintained. I can openly tell partners what they might need to hear to make things better. I also offer my clients constructive “do this, don’t do that” strategies instead of just listening to them vent. After all, struggling couples need to gain insight and see progress quickly. Before booking, please review the How It Works and Fees & FAQ pages.”

- Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., Couples Mediator & Relationship Author-Expert

The Couples in Crisis Book – Your Fast & Effective Self-Help Option

“Deb’s books could kick-start a wreck of a relationship back into high gear.”

~ Sue Johansen of Oxygen’s Talk Sex

“For a sagging relationship, you can get the spark back again if the book’s instructions are followed.”

~ The Washington Post

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“Most people spend the largest part of their adulthood slogging through committed relationships, and they need  books like this.”

Library Journal

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Marriage SOS is NOT suitable in cases of abuse, trauma, mental illness/disorder, addiction or where crisis intervention is required. Seek help from the appropriate resource – such as the police, a lawyer or a mental health practitioner – ASAP.


Marriage SOS is the private practice of Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., a leading relationship author-expert in Canada and the United States.

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