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You can rescue your relationship.

You've just taken the first step.

Now take the second one.

Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., provides personalized strategies that can begin to save or improve your marriage today.  An innovator in a much-needed field of relationship help, her approach is ideal for women and men who want a fast, fair and no-nonsense alternative to ongoing psych-based “couch counselling.”

Debra offers telephone consultations and personalized relationship-saving plans anywhere in Canada or the USA.  She holds office appointments in Calgary, Alberta.

Check out this site to see whether Debra’s approach is right for you, and then email her at to book a consultation.

You can also call 1-888-295-2843 (toll free) or 403-505-0466 (local Alberta).

NEW:  Book a “Two-Hour Intensive” Telephone Consultation with Debra.  This allows clients to target and tackle their issues in one extended consult.  Please read about Debra’s Approach before booking.

Relationship Rescue Hotline

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Need help ASAP? Schedule a telephone consultation for fast, convenient and solution-driven expert relationship help that targets your specific problem(s).

Ongoing relationship help

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I offer a range of personalized services – from a “one-week challenge” to regular “check-ups” to help spouses stay committed to and focused on improving their relationships.


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If you’re looking for effective do-it-yourself relationship help, check out my marriage-saving manuals and intimacy guides, available as ebook or on paperback.

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Debra has been featured on many national and international major media outlets including (but not limited to) the following:


“Most people spend the largest part of their adulthood slogging through committed relationships, and they need  books like this.”

~ Library Journal

Intimacy Guides

Click below to learn more about my popular Intimacy Guides - all available for purchase on Amazon

“Deb’s books could kick-start a wreck of a relationship back into high gear.”

~ Sue Johansen of Oxygen’s Talk Sex

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Don't take my word for it - hear what people I've consulted with are saying.
DM Woman Final Right

Deb, we’ve been to couples therapists in the past and got nothing but vacant stares and head nodding. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. I believe that you literally saved our marriage. You are a straight shooter and told us exactly what we both needed to hear without just pointing fingers.

Jessica - Calgary, AB

DM man final Right

Our kids have noticed a huge difference in mood in the house, and I actually look forward to walking in the door now to smiles and hugs. We've also been following the budget and I'm not nearly as stressed about the useless spending. Thanks again.

Mike - Edmonton, AB

DM Woman Final Right

You were a blessing to me when I needed it most. I thought my relationship was over but you helped me bring it back from the very brink. We have never been happier in our ten years together. If I ever know anyone who is having relationship problems I will refer you with every confidence.

Indira - San Jose, CA

DM Woman Final Right

Not only did you make time to talk to me right away, you made me give my head a shake and see the ways I was making it impossible for my husband to feel any love for me. I used the strategies you suggested and it was like things changed overnight. My only regret is that I waited years before calling you.

Jasmine - Vancouver, BC

Call me toll free today at 1-888-295-2843 or Email me at

I'm generally available for phone consults on a short timeline if you need help fast.
Marriage SOS
Marriage SOS is the private practice of Debra Macleod, B.A., LL.B., a leading relationship author-expert in Canada and the United States.
  • Main office in Calgary, Alberta
  • 1-888-295-2843 (toll-free)